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Proximity Safety

RF fencing technology for worker safety


Safety of workers is of paramount importance at every construction site. In areas where workers and large machinery have to work together, an effective safety system is required to keep your workers away from any unwanted injurires. 


Our Proximity Safety system includes:

  • Alarm system mounted on vehicles or machinery Ÿ

  • Safe tag assigned to every personnel in the construction site


Hence, a 360-degree detection around vehicles can be set up as a danger zone to prevent unwanted collision.

Every personnel who have a safe tag will be detected and alerted by the system when they enter the danger zone.


Prevent Accidental Collision

In aim to reduce the chance of vehicle-to-vehicle collision and human-to-vehicle collision and hence to prevent any loss due to accidental injuries


Create a Safe Construction Site

Providing a reliable and safe working environment in hopes

of achieve the highest possible productivity from the workers and the machinery




  • Significantly reduce the  risk of accidental collision when vehicles work in close proximity to pedestrian                     

  • Fits to all types of vehicle as to ensure high compatibility    

  • Comprehensive protection to minimize unnecessary injuries


  • Prevent unnecessary vehicle collision in high mobility construction site

  • Reducing the needs of vehicle repair and maintenance due to accident                                                                   

Operation Specification

360°Detection with
Adjustable Coverage
Multiple Persons Detection
Alarm Warning
Operator Shielding
Power Supply

Dual Frequency Model

2.4GHz Zone

A zone that set up by the signal of the tag(transponder)carried by worker

125kHz Low Frequency (LF) Wake Up Zone​

Dual Frequency Reader installed on the machine will continuously emit LF Wake-up Signals (“LFW”) to form an alert zone

Worker A
  • This worker is outside of the alert zone

  • The tag on this worker is in Sleep Mode

  • No 2.4GHz signal is released

Worker A
  • Worker A enters the alert zone

  • The tag on this worker is awaked by LF signal

  • The tag automatically releases 2.4GHz signal as a response and trigger the alarm

What does Proximity Safety Include?

Alert Zone
Control Unit
Safe Tag

Dual-frequency Reader


Dual-frequency: Talk-125 kHz (LF) , Listen-2.4 GHz

Multi-Tag Reading: 500 Transponders

Reading Range: 3-9 meters


A set of Dual-frequency Integrated Readers (“Reader Set”) will be installed on each machine.

The Reader talks with LFW and listens to 2.4AR.

The Reader Set continuously emits LFW to form a Wake-Up Zone.

Any transponders entering the Wake-Up will be detected and awaked.






Safe Tag


Dual-frequency: Listen-125 kHz (LF) , Talk-2.4 GHz

Omni-directional Detection

Reading Range: 100m (Token form); 120m (Card form)


Safe Tag acts as a transponder which listens LFW from Readers and response with 2.4AR.

Each SafeTag bears a unique TagID and being assigned to every personnel entering the site area.


Control Unit


Control Unit


A Control Unit is installed on each machine as the data and command center. All members of the Reader Set and the Alarm are connected to the Control Unit for DC power supply and commands. It also contains a Driver Slot for the driver to place his SafeTag.



An audible visual alarm should be installed near the operator compartment.  It will provide a warning to each pedestrian

and vehicle approaching.

Alert Zone

An Alert Zone is formed by the Reader Set installed in the corresponding machine.

The size of Alert Zone is defined by the coverage of Wake-up Zone.

2.4AR will be sent from the SafeTag to trigger the Alarm once the tag enters this Alert Zone.

System Connection

All readers and alarms installed on the machinery are connected  to a single control unit which acts as a data and command center and powered from the machinery

Other Technologies

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