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Building Component Management System

IoT Solution for Construction Industry

Suitable for Metal/ non-metal surface Able to be embedded in concrete Reading range: 5-8m


*Actual performance depends on environmental factors and reader setting

Android-based RFID Reader

High Sensitivity Circular UHF antenna IP65 Rating, Waterproof & Dustproof

BCMS Software

Dashboards and Reports supports the viewers in various electronic platforms


BCMS incorporates IoT and RFID technologies into tracking and brings efficiency and accuracy into a visualised building components monitoring process.

Providing a UNIQUE identification to each component.

Enabling a one-click data input operation.

Ensuring qualified building components.

Efficiently allocating every building component.

Enabling quick access to QC reports and manufacturing history.

Eliminating paperwork and minimising human error.

Directly previewing the components' data in 3D models.

Visualising the entire construction progress by colourisation.

Time saving and cost effective.

BCMS System

 Applications of BCMS 

Recording and storing the live fabrication progress through the use of IoT and Cloud.


Off-site remote monitoring of production progress of precast and prefabricated building components.


Integrating real-time data into BIM files and colouring the BIM by the progress (now supports .nwd, .nwf, .dwg).


Favourable for multiple disciplines such as Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Building Services, and Facility Management.


Involving different parties and stockholders such as landlords, architects, contractors, manufacturers and residential surveyors.

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