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Cloud-based Lifting Gear Recording System

Online  Traceble  Trouble-Free  Professional

No matter which type

No matter which brand

Connect all lifting gears you have

Universal Cloud Platform

​Keep it all simple

Keep it all together

Online-checking of All Safety Forms

About GearForm


Forewarn the expiry date of safety form of all lifting gears you have


Capable to manage up to thousands of lifting gears located in different construction site


Allows different users (Manufacturer, Owner, Worker....) to input and capture related information, record and knowledge to lifting gears


Capture all changes happened on the lifting gears in different locations


Data can be viewed on our cloud platform or export to an Excel format



Traditional Recording 
Poor readability
  • Information is difficult to see by eyes

  • Information will fade out when time goes by

Gearform recording
Easy 'n Clear to read
  • Information is all digitalized

  • Information can be viewed on electronic devices

Inconvenient ID naming and checking
Computerized ID naming and checking 
  • Difficult to create unique ID for all gears 

  • Difficult and complicated to check ID 

  • Automatically generating unique ID for all gears 

  • ID checking assisted by RFID handheld reader

  • Minimizing human error in checking and recording

Inefficient Management
  • Information is either written or stamped on the metal plate

  • Information cannot be updated unless replacing with a new metal plate

  • Difficult to archive history record

  • Require to memorize expiry date of gear safety certificate by manpower

Comprehensive Management
  • Information is stored in online cloud platform

  • Information is re-usable, editable and traceable 

  • History records are stored online

  • All information of gears can be access by computer or portable device

  • Automatic alert on expiry date of safety certificate

GearForm helps tackle your difficulties

How to tag? 

Cable Tie

This type of tagging method allows easy installation of RFID tag on your lifting gears. RFID tag will usually be mounted on a cable and tied on the connection link of the gear. This type of tagging method provides a fair reading range.

Embedded Type

This tagging method also provides well protection to the RFID chip. RFID tag will be embedded in the hinge pin or web sling of the lifting gear.

Surface Mount Type

This tagging method requires easy installation. Tiny RFID tag will be attached on surface on the hook of the lifting gear. No complicated working procedure is needed. It also provides a fair reading performance. 

How GearForm integrates with your lifting gears?


Input design data

Input birth certificate of lifting gear


Input design data

Tag and Scan

Check Inventory


Input routine checking data

Generate & Update Gear Certificate

Auto-alert of expiration


Viewing related information


Manage project details

Re-assign project

Auto-alert of expiration

Dispose decision

Managing Inventory

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