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increase productivity

enhance regulation and quality assurance

improve information management

Customise both Inputs & Outputs

Our DWSS allows full customisation of data collection, reporting & analysis, as well as approval chain.

Quickly setup your existing process or easily meet you and your clients's requirement.

Collaborate with Unlimited Users

Give access to everyone on the project with highly configurable access rights and full audit trail.

Access Real-time Reports & Analysis

Automate your standard reporting and make it real-time to remove time consuming daily/weekly reporting by your project team.

DWSS in Hong Kong

Under the “Construction 2.0, the Development Bureau has set out the policy and requirements on the adoption of the Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) in capital work contracts under the Capital Works Programmes, with pre-tender estimate exceeding $300 million, intending to enhance the standard and efficiency of work supervision as well as the quality and safety of works.


The DWSS is essentially a web-based centralised portal of collecting construction works information and managing the workflows of site activities to enhance efficiency, safety and quality performance. The DWSS shall be accessible through a secure network and operated on desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices.


The 5 Modules

Request for Inspection / Survey Check (RISC) Form

A live update platform for users to track, manage and record all on-site inspections. Highly intuitive user interface and photo reference makes data collection and input in the worksite simpler and more accurate.

  • Post inspection request 

  • Submit and re-submit inspection forms with photos

  • Certified approval by designated personnel 

  • Inspection history for searching and retrieval

Site Diary / Site Record Book

A comprehensive log of all the worksite progress for dedicated users and management to keep track of task progress and status as well as corresponding accountability. Attachments such as photos and other documents give more context to the daily construction entries.

  • G.F. 536 and/ or ArchSD Site Record Book

  • Workflow process for recording, review and endorsement

  • Progress of work

  • Plant and labour employed on site

  • Weather and site condition

  • Site photos

  • Any incidents and the affects

Site Safety Inspection Records

A database of safety records and photos. With AI assistance on data mining and analysis, management can gain insights on safety blackspots and patterns, thus strengthen precautive measures.

  • Safety inspection checklists with photographs

    • Date and time

    • Name of reporting officers and responsible persons

    • Work location

    • Descriptions of works

    • Pre- and post-inspection Site photos

    • Logging of non-compliance and remedial works

  • Environmental inspection record

  • Safety performance records with accident rate statistic

  • LD/MD improvement and suspension notice

  • Conviction record

Cleansing Inspection Checklists

A routine record of the worksite cleanliness status. Capture photos and share reports can improve workers’ sense of hygiene and promote workplace well-being.

  • Daily Cleansing Inspection Checklist

  • Weekly Cleansing Inspection Checklist

  • Cleanliness Performance Record

Labour Return Record

A Management System that helps you monitor your on-site workforce, and budget effectively.

  • Monthly Return of Site Labour Deployment

  • Wage Rates

  • Automatically generate/calculate project specific fields and dates

  • Automatic retrieval of labour resources information from Site Diary/Site Record Book

Get your site organised digitally today

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